Eco-Friendly Subterranean Termite Extermination on Kauai, HI

Termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property, so you want to ensure that you get rid of an infestation quickly.

Call Mokihana Pest Control, Inc., for thorough eco-friendly termite extermination in Kauai, HI.

We Take Care of Termites - Permanently

If you suspect you have a termite infestation, it may be the first time – or your infestation may be reoccurring. If you’ve had termite exterminators visit your property before, it’s likely that they sprayed pesticides in problem areas to eliminate termites. These types of termite control measures effectively kill any termites on the surface, but they are not always effective in eradicating the infestation, especially if a colony is firmly entrenched. Spray pesticides can also damage the environment around your home. When you call the team at Mokihana Pest Control, Inc., however, you get a different approach. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of eco-friendly Sentricon termite control systems, which utilize innovative bait stations that are installed above or below ground. When termite workers encounter the bait stations, they ingest a growth-inhibiting chemical that prevents termites from molting. Rather than killing the termite right away, the nature of the bait allows termites to deliver the bait to the rest of the colony – including to the queen – as a food source. As more and more termites eat and share the bait, the colony will be eradicated from the inside out. Since Sentricon targets the whole of the termite colony rather than just the workers on the surface, it offers a permanent solution to your termite problem. Sentricon is also more environmentally friendly than conventional pesticides, as it has a limited impact on the environment and can easily be removed from your property at any time.

We Offer Ongoing Termite Control

Our experienced technicians not only install Sentricon systems but also monitor your termite situation and provide annual inspections to ensure that the extermination was a success. If you’re ready for an eco-friendly termite exterminator to eliminate your termite problem, call Mokihana Pest Control, Inc., today at 808.246.6654.