No. Centipedes are predators. They eat live insects, lizards and sometimes each other. The presence of one centipede in the house may indicate that environmental conditions on the outside of the building could favor more of the same. Successful control usually requires exterior treatment.

We possess, unofficially, the largest Brown Centipede in the State of Hawaii. It’s 7 and 3/16 inches from the tip of its head to the last body segment. If you find a bigger one, drymount it or freeze your sample. We’ll pay $200 for a larger specimen. No stretching allowed! All entries become property of Mokihana Pest Control.

Mouse or Gecko?

Typically for most birds and reptiles, Gecko droppings are characterized by a white sediment attached to the dropping tip. Mice droppings do not have that characteristic.


Exclusion by way of caulking will help with this problem. The backs of cabinets should be caulked as well as along exterior walls where eaves meet the wall, especially with open beam ceilings. Any opening or gap in walls or ceiling should be caulked to discourage gecko harborage.


No, however mice are prolific breeders so the indication of one mouse usually means that the environmental conditions are capable of supporting others. Hint: After catching one mouse, keep your traps out to continue monitoring the situation. Don’t assume there is just one mouse after catching it.


There are 2 types of termites. Normally droppings are more indicative of the drywood termite. Their fecal pellets are unique in that they are very sand like in consistency but even more uniform in size and shape than sand. They are so hard and dry that they cannot be crushed when placed in the palm of your hand and vigorously rubbed with your other thumb. The color will vary from light to dark earth tones depending on the wood they have eaten.
No. Although ants are predatory on termites, under normal conditions they do not share the same environment . Infestations could occur simultaneously with both insects never meeting.
No. All species of termites have winged (flying) reproductives. Fumigation is only for drywood termites. Since subterranean termites also fly, it is critical to identify the particular termite so the proper treatment can be done. Collect and save the samples for a professional to ID.


No. Most incidences of insect bites are caused by organisms that are visible to the naked eye. Fleas require a host such as a dog, cat or rat. As such the most common flea that bites people is the cat flea. They live almost exclusively on dogs and cats and do not spontaneously appear in sand without some connection to a host animal.

Our Name

The Mokihana Tree is indigenous to the island of Kauai. It is found only in the mountainous regions of that Island with the plant berrys maturing usually around May to June. Its flower is nondescript and is primarily used for its extremely fragrant berries in lei making.

Traditionally, a Mokihana Lei is representative of the island of Kauai. The fragrance is similar to that of anise. The color of the berries can range from medium green to pale green and sometimes have a pinkish tinge near the stem. Normally Maile is used to wrap around the lei and the two fragrances highly compliment each other. This Lei is the most prized lei of Hawaii.